About Us

We were there during the era of super-restaurants and when the first celebrity chefs burst onto the scene; we watched gastropubs set the tone for modern, casual dining; and we witnessed style and concept bars kickstart the current cocktail culture whilst pop-ups were bringing street food indoors. We were more than there, though, we were at the door; we devised the marketing strategy; we clinched the column inches that you read; we lived it.

Approachable, personable and hardworking, we’ve worked directly alongside the best: incredibly innovative operators, wildly inventive venues, groundbreaking brands, from Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, to destination pubs and cafes.

We understand how restaurants, bars and hotels work and, more importantly, how to make a success of them. We are proud to be the agency of choice for so many operators, guiding them through the initial stages of their business and  partnering with them for the long term. It’s our effective approach that’s helped brands like Carluccio’s grow from a single restaurant to over 100 sites in the UK and overseas.

Today, competition is rife, restaurants are hungry, bars are evolving with sophistication and discerning diners have more power-per-pound than ever. Similarly, the media sphere has changed drastically. Esteemed critics no longer rule the roost; a social influencer’s endorsement is as crucial as a national broadsheet review; and freelancers and bloggers have come to the forefront. In every challenge we find exciting opportunities.

Naturally, we have long-established connections right across food, drink and lifestyle press. With over two decades of industry experience and an unrivalled black book of contacts, we know all the right journalists, websites, bloggers and social media influencers. We know the best press coverage doesn’t come from a ‘fire and forget’ approach to issuing press releases. We’re more about cultivating and nurturing real relationships with writers. We know their likes and dislikes, pitch preferences, no-go angles, when to make that call and when to leave alone.

The biggest difference you’ll find between us and other PR companies is that we’re not purely focused on getting new clients all the time and generating launch PR. That’s the easy bit. In fact, most of our growth comes from our existing clients because we recognise operators’ needs to continually drive sales, not just raise awareness around new venues.